Feb 2007

Ongoing dharma study, Not Always So


We have been studying a chapter a week of Suzuki Roshi's Not Always So for about 5 weeks now.

Schedule up to April:
28 February, 'Enjoy Your Life'
7 March, 'Walk Like an Elephant'
14 March, 'Letters from Emptiness'
21 March, 'Brown Rice is just Right'
28 March, 'The Zen of Going to the Rest Room'
4 April, 'Caring for the Soil'
11 April, 'Everyday Life is like a Movie'
18 April, 'Resuming Big Mind'
25 April, 'Ordinary Mind, Buddha Mind'

Screening of Zen Noir in Ballymena

The Ballymena group is screening the film, Zen Noir on 10 March 2007, 7:30pm. Details can be found on their website.

A synopsis and trailer of the film can be found here.