Online talks and videos

Links to online talks and videos have been put up on the Resources page. More will be added over time.

Screening of Zen Noir film in Ballymena

The update has been posted on the Events page.

Added link to Dogen Sangha Group in Bristol

Following positive comments by some of our members who went for the workshop with Michael Leutchford in Ballymena yesterday, a link to his sangha in Bristol has been added to the Resources page. It has some useful downloads, including an introductory guide to Buddhism and the practice of zazen.

Amazon affiliation and book store

We are now Amazon UK affiliates. The link to the Store is in the sidebar. Any purchase made through the Store will return about 5% of the purchase price to us, including items not specifically listed in the store, and non-Zen items.

Cancellation of Zen Noir film in Ballymena

The screening of the film, Zen Noir, originally scheduled for 4th March 2007 in Ballymena is cancelled. It may be rescheduled at a later date.